New, Exciting Offer from BenAware

More Value with a Long-Term Partnership

BenAware believes building successful client partnerships requires being able to provide value to clients on an ongoing, consistent basis and with long-term commitments.


  • 6 year BenAware commitment
  • Personal enrollment support year after year
  • Full BenAdmin platform with carrier files
  • Pre-enrollment marketing campaign with custom landing page, videos, letters, texts, emails


  • First year enrollment onsite and/or call center meetings
  • Perpetual call center new hire enrollments
  • Consecutive years provide onsite representation for open enrollment with call center and self-service
  • One time $500 setup fee
  • $1 PEPM minimum $200 per month
  • Benefits Administration Platform Details
    • Single data source ensuring consistent information accuracy
    • Seamless data integration with carriers
    • Comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting and data import/export capabilities
    • Full client access for QLE’s, terms, new hires, reporting