June 23, 2016


ACA Compliance Reporting

BenAware offers ACA Reporting Module, a Serelix product, to manage Affordable Care Reporting requirements for you!
Many companies are not sure what needs to be reported or how to report it when it comes to the Affordable Care Act Reporting requirements. This module helps simplify the process in addition to helping generate pre-filled IRS Forms 1904B/1095B (6055) and 1094C/1095C (6056).

Keep in mind:

  • Core benefit enrollment with BenAware is required
  • ACA Reporting Module by Serelix is available for a small fee

Dependent Audits

Enrolled Dependents Should Meet Health Plan Requirements

Nationally, 5% to 12% of dependents are ineligible for medical coverage on a company’s plan due to numerous reasons including:

Relationship to employee

  • Student age
  • Ability to obtain coverage through their employer

Dependent eligibility audits help employers

  • Preserve health benefit plans without raising employee out-of-pocket costs
  • Identify company cost savings
  • Validate current enrolling, re-enrolling and process family status changes
  • Maintain an appealing benefits package to attract new employees